About Us

Appcav is one of the best modern blogs where you can find modern-day solutions to all sorts of issues regarding technical products, apps, and tools. Our goal is to help people solve their technical issues by themselves without having to go look for a professional in the space. 

Most people around the glove use Android as their phone OS and Windows as their PC OS. Therefore, we primarily focus on PCs and Android phones and help people figure out issues with their devices that run on these operating systems. 

If you’re wondering or struggling to find and install Android phone apps on your Windows or Mac PC, we will help you do that. Go through our blogs and find the solutions you need the most to install any software on your phone or PC and troubleshoot issues. 

Another thing we do is, keep things safe for our readers so that they don’t have to deal with spam, scam, spoofing, and malware or virus of any kind while installing an app. In order to help people install only the safest apps on their phones and PC, we feature good apps. 

We do that by testing, using, and filtering out each app before sharing and featuring it on our site. So, every app that you see on our site, is legit software that you can download and install on your computer or phone. This opens up the world of exciting apps for our readers. 

Apart from installing apps and solving issues, we also share tech news and keep our readers up to date with the latest technological events. If there is a major move in the tech world, we’re the ones to let you know how it’s taking place and what you may have to deal with it. 


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  • 30 August 2022