ACT Approach in Wastewater Aeration

ACT invented and realized the most energy-efficient process of wastewater aeration based on the use of the developed gaseous cavitation. The equipment for the process implementation is simple, low-cost and most reliable. It can be supplied as a single Aerator, or as Aeration Modules. By using the Modules the aeration needs of WWTP of any size and processing type can be satisfied promptly, and with no plant operation interruptions.  The investment and operation costs are extremely low ( by 3-5 folds vs Fine Bubble Diffusers).

ACT Aeration vs FBD.png
Single Aerator.png
Aeration Module.jpg
ACT Aeration – low cost and environment friendly

  • Reduces energy consumption for wastewater treatment in municipal, industrial and private systems – by 60% - 80%.

  • Reduces WWTP gases emissions by 60%-80%.

  • Lowers wastewater operators operational expenses by 60% - 80%.

  • Lowers environmental impacts.

  • Allows municipalities to process more wastewater without having to upgrade their treatment facilities ─ an important consideration for any growing community.

  • ACT Aeration due to its modularity can be rapidly deployed. 

  • ACT Aeration Systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing WWTPs by putting the System in the aeration ditch, while existing aeration system is operational, with no need to interrupt Plant operation.

  • At newly designed WWTPs ACT Aeration does not affect any requirements for the infrastructure: no added concretes, nor compressors buildings or piping, etc.