Company - Applied Cavitation Technologies Ltd ( ACT)


Applied Cavitation Technology Ltd. (ACT), is a Cleantech startup company developing disruptive proprietary technology for different applications, and particularly in water and wastewater treatment space with an addressable market of over USD 40 billion. 

ACT Founding partners spent over 15 years exploring this space before formally founding ACT in 2010. 

Among ACT’s seed investors are leading cleantech investors like Israel Clean Tech Ventures and Triton Systems of Boston that jointly are responsible for over USD 5 billion in shareholders’ value since 2000.

ACT’s founders are complemented by a seasoned team of executives and entrepreneurs that were party to commercializing successful startup companies ranging from disruptive 3d printing technology, medical device, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.   

ACT’s first product on the market– the Supercavitation Aerator   reduces up to 80% the energy cost of aeration at WWTP

The Company’s patent-pending breakthrough technology is based on hydrodynamic supercavitation phenomenon in specific conditions occurring at a liquid flowing around a bluff body.  

ACT products deliver superior performance across numerous applications both for Public utilities and industrial and agricultural uses.

ACTs equipment harnessing supercavitation hydrodynamic effects provide unparalleled operational (energy and maintenance) and capital savings while being more effective than today’s existing solutions.

ACT received recognition by water and wastewater experts worldwide leading to its fast-track commercialization in upcoming independent demonstration pilots in commercialization program with a number of local WWTP Operators.