Need Remove Your App?

Are you a developer and own the copyright of an app that we’ve featured on our website? You can decide to have it removed if you want, and we respect your decision. For that, you’ll have to send us a removal request from your official email address to ours.

Email us at our official contact address: 

theappcav [at] 

(Please replace [at] with “@” sign)

As a mandatory step, you have to proceed with the proper steps like described below: 

As mentioned, you have to send us the email from the official mail address of the app you’re trying to remove from our site. For example, if the name of your app is Apployee, you have to send us the email from “ The mail address also can be from the agency that owns the rights to Apploye that may look like this: Employee@

When we will remove the app?

Once you have sent the email over to us, we’ll take 24 hours, up to 72 hours to remove the app from our site and our server. This time is necessary because we have to validate your email and verify if it’s a legit claim. 

Thanking you, 


  • 30 August 2022