The Problem, the Need, and the offered Solution


Current Wastewater Aeration' flaws are the acute global PROBLEM that needs a solution, which is looked for by many companies around the world


Wastewater aeration is the most energy-consuming and expensive process in the entire chain of wastewater biotreatment: up to 80% and 50% accordingly. 


Aeration is a "MUST" process of activated sludge oxygenation by the adding air oxygen to allow pollutants aerobic bio-degradation by the bio-sludge.


Aeration is used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, is the part of the secondary and tertiary treatment processes. The activated sludge process is the most common option in secondary and tertiary treatment. 


The efficiency of oxygenation the wastewater in the bioreactor ( unit of Dissolved Oxygen accepted in water per unit of the energy spent for this purpose - O2lb/hp, or O2kg/kWh)


Wastewater aeration consumes enormous quantities of energy (more than 1% of the total electric energy generated nationally in developed countries); accounting for billions of Euros/Dollars spent each year to allow wastewater reuse and to keep local usable water sources clean.                     


Aeration technology for activated sludge (alone) accounts for €26 billion of the global market. Furthermore, energy expenditures will increase as the rapid pace of global urbanization and industrialization are projected to increase the wastewater management industry by 5%-15% (depending on country/region) each year. 


The way the wastewater aeration is realized presently is costly, negatively impacts the environment, and slows down the wastewater industry renovation and development, which are crucial for water re-use in the circular economy to be built. 

ACT Supercavitation Aeration CAVITECH offers the solution.